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Our Plasma/OxyFuel cutting department is equipped with the very latest computer controlled shape cutting machine that is equipped to burn out very intricate parts to meet your specifications in single or multiple quantities. Our fully staffed Plasma department is capable of handling cuts from 1.5" plate to 6" plate. We are equipped with 2 Esab Plasma cutting machines. Below you will find our two machines:

  • 1 - 100 Amp Esab Plasma/OxyFuel machine with a 6'X12' cutting board capability
  • 1 - 200 Amp Esab Plasma machine with a 10'X20' cutting board capability




Our Waterjet cutting department is now equipped with the latest computer controlled cutting machine on the market. Intricate parts can be cut out with a +/- .0015" per 3 feet accuracy, and at a speed of 300 ipm. We are currently equipped with 1 Waterjet:

  • 2004 Flow Flying Bridge Waterjet Model 6012
  • Dynamic Waterjet increases speed and reduces taper
  • Three-sided load capability; with four-sided operator access
  • Uniquely designed which minimizes footprint by integrating pump into the backside of the machine frame, allowing all facets of machine to be controlled by roll-around control.
  • Paser Abrasivejet cutting systems
  • CUTTING TABLE SIZE :6' x 12'
    X AXIS: 72"
    Y AXIS: 144"
    Z AXIS: 8"
  • MAIN MOTOR: 50 H.P., 460 VOLTS






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